Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale

Lacinato Kale is commonly referred to as Dinosaur Kale, due to its scaly, reptilian appearance. Of course, even though it looks like a reptile, it has a taste all its own. And those scales actually end up being rather useful, perfectly catching spices and oil, because this is the preferred variety of kale for making delicious kale chips! And it still works perfectly in salads and other uses.

And now for the best part! Kale is positively brimming with vitamins and beneficial minerals! Just 100g of the stuff will cover half of your daily requirement for vitamin A, double your daily needs for vitamin C, and far more than enough vitamin K. It also contains a good filling of your daily needs for fibre, iron, and calcium. It even contains a decent portion of protein (almost as much as a single slice of cheese!).

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