We have complete control over variety, size, and quality as we produce in a controlled environment

We are not impacted by seasonal weather fluctuations - our technology lets us produce 365 days a year

We grow all of our products locally, in cities right next to our customers

According to the USDA, there are several problems American schools face with local procurement

These include:

Hard to find year round availability of key items

Hard to find new suppliers/growers or distributors

Vendors for local items not offering a broad range of products

Lack of reliability in delivering ordered items

Getting products delivered that meet your quality requirements and other specs such as size

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The problem of food in our health care system

Many Hospital meals are supplied by large manufacturers

• Unfortunately, these meals often lack the appropriate nutritional value

Many are supplied low quality products made with low quality ingredients

• This causes some patients to receive lower iron and vitamin intakes than

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