Food Service

Consumer’s Preferences Are Changing

With on going events that shape our society, the continuous challenge of saving our planet,
and new realizations from the pandemic, customers preferences are shifting

Technomic’s forecasts suggests that consumers are expecting more items that cleanse the
body including immunity boosters and new leafy greens.

People are also expecting layers of transparency, fairness and inclusion

GMO Free

We offer a variety herbs, small vegetables and leafy greens.

Our oxyfertigation process enhances nutritional value without the use of GMOs.

Transparency and Easy Ordering

We are transparent about our process and can trace back every single item to its seed.

We offer a Restaurant app that facilities ordering and grants access to everything you need to know about our products

Helping the Community

It is our goal to make access to fresh and healthy foods easy for

We operate in federal opportunity zones and
food deserts to ensure easy access to our food.

We hire people near our farms and pay them a living wage.