Technology Advantages

Wondering what makes our Oxyfertigation Growing Systems better? Here are just a few of the answers.

The following is a breakdown of the advantages of Local Grown Salads' Oxyfertigation Growing Systems. These advantages work in comparison to both current "modern" farming techniques and newer farming technologies. Some of these points can also be found within our Science and Farming pages, in regards to the drawbacks of current technologies.

Optimized Lighting and Photoperiods

Our Growing Systems have the capability of growing and maintaining produce at all times of day and night, or set customized and optimized photoperiods (the amount of time a plant receives light) for each Cultivar, depending on their unique needs. The Lighting Subsystem can also make our Flexible Lighting Units mimic the optimal lighting condition for each Cultivar, including temperature and intensity. All of this means faster growing times and increased production yields without using GMOs or non-organic nutrients.

Fixed Schedule Harvesting

Faster growing times and increased production yields provide the ability to grow and harvest on a fixed schedule, year-round, no matter the weather.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

The ability to place our Plantations and Growing Systems closer to their destination may enable a Plantation, at peak efficiency, to harvest, package and complete delivery of produce as quick as the same day.

Extreme Water Efficiency

Using pump and re-circulation methods, our Growing Systems are able to maintain an average water efficiency between 97 and 99%. This both provides and extreme reduction in water waste and eliminates runoff into watersheds.

Local Water Retention

With current methods of farming and produce delivery, water that is retained by produce shipped worldwide leaves is literally shipped away from its point of origin. Plantation water is supplied via local city sources. Growing locally and selling locally means that water from local systems will return to their point of origin through natural metabolizing processes.

Significantly Reduced Carbon Cost

Beyond the simple reduction in carbon emissions provided by producing and shipping locally, our Growing Systems, themselves, are able to reduce carbon emissions through total resource use reduction. Water, nutrients, and substrate use are all significantly reduced compared to currently utilized farming techniques, on a per pound basis.

Enhanced Testing Capabilities

Growing produce in a Controlled Agriculture Environment allows for constant and varied testing of the Cultivar Measurement Factors - Cultivars, Nutrients, Biological Load (food safety parameters), Taste, Texture, Visual Appearance, Smell, and Shelf Life - as well as Growth Rate and Yield. These testing variables are maximized by using our Growing Systems, as each variable can be altered by individual Growing Unit and Growing Room, allowing slight variations in nutrient levels, lighting, airflow, and other factors to be tested simultaneously.

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