How we're producing and delivering food in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner.

One System - Any Kind Of Vegetable

Our Growing Systems offer the choice of growth and harvesting for either whole Cultivar (Tomatoes, Peas, Cucumbers, Peppers, etc.) or Leafy Greens for Ready-To-Eat salads, requiring only the Growing Formula to be changed for most switches between product types.

Easy Installation and Part Replacement

Our Oxyfertigation Growing Units utilize a standardized parts group, allowing for easy installation, and hassle-free replacement in the rare event of a part failure. The design of the Flexible Lighting Unit, for instance, enables quick replacement of single LED strips in the field. An LED strip can be disconnected, removed and replaced in matter of a couple minutes. Each part within our Growing Units is designed for long-term use, and, when possible, reuse.

Robust Operations

There is no single catastrophic failure point in our Growing Units. The most significant failure is loss of electricity to the unit, which will mean the pump will fail, no nutrients will be added to the Nutrient Solution, and the Flexible Lighting Unit will remain dark. However, the plants will be able to continue to grow for many days before dying, as the Growing Tower Substrate will maintain moisture and Nutrient Solution. The length of time is dependent on the Variety and where the plant is in the growing cycle.

There are no continuously moving parts. Parts only operate to change the conditions of the growing environment of the plants. For example, valves in the Nutrition System will open/close to change nutrition or pH levels of the Nutrition Solution. The External Liquid Valve will open bringing in fresh liquid when the Nutrition Solution level is too low, the Flexible Lighting Unit motor will engage to allow access to the Cultivars for the purpose of harvesting, the Flexible Lighting Unit will extend out as the Cultivars grow, and the pump will operate to deliver the Nutrient Solution.

Consistent Growth

The consistency of growing enables Growing Units to be deployed to grow the same cultivar using the same seeds without the probes and sensors within the same Growing Room, as the growth as predicted by the Growing Formula can be monitored by one a single Growing Tower . In older versions of our system, we used a seed and transplanting method for growing. This required transplanting to be performed at the same time as the single control unit. For the current versions of our Growing Systems though, we developed a method for seeding directly to our Growing Towers, eliminating the need for transplanting.

Automated Growth Parameter Management

Our Monitoring System for our Growing Units allows them to self-adjust to all growth parameters and all desired Cultivar Measurement Factors. Our Growing Systems already enable detailed tracking of the plants usage of water, nutrient mix, usage of light, and atmosphere that creates a specific Growing Formula for a cultivar, and so automating those processes is the reasonable next step. The Formula for a cultivar changes based where it is in the growth cycle, and how many days it is from harvest, and automatic tracking and management will fine tune the nutrition cycle. (A plant will require one nutrient immediately post-harvest to repair itself and another once it begins the photosynthesis cycle.)

Large Produce Growing Units and Towers

Our Growing Towers have the ability to be sized to grow a wide variety of types beyond leafy greens, including root vegetables and even some tree types. While we are currently focusing on producing smaller, lighter produce at the moment, we are developing Systems that will be able to handle the weight and other needs of those larger Cultivars.

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