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No Need for Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides or GMOs

The design of our Growing Systems reduce or remove the need for herbicides, insecticides to remove any loss in the growing of a cultivar, fungicides to remove any loss in the growing of a vegetable. We don't need any GMO seeds to maximize production of a vegetable.

Direct-to-Root, Custom-Fit Nutrient Supply

Our Growing Systems provide highly oxygenated, enriched Nutrient Solution to the plants' complete root structures. The Growing Towers, specifically, ensure that as much Nutrient Solution is available to the root structure as possible. The roots receive a continuous and complete nutritional solution, which is adjusted to correspond with their growth stage, the lighting parameters of the moment, and the atmosphere at the moment. The nutritional solution can also be adjusted to reflect the nutrients in the local source liquid (well water compared to city water, compared to rural water). The Systems will also be able to measure and report all the major and minor-nutrients for the growth of the cultivars.

The Nutrient Solution volume is controlled by adding water on an as-needed basis.

Nutrient Values

All our vegetables consistently exceed USDA expectations. The high level of the Dissolved Oxygen ensures the maximum possible take-up of nutrients by the plants, all without introducing any GMOs. And because we control the entire nutrition provided to the plants, we can change the flavour of plant, much like the same grape will produce a different wine in a different part of the world.

Fine-Tuned, Customized Growing Formula

Our Growing Systems allow for the design of unique Growing Formulae, customized to the needs of each Cultivar. The Growing Formula goes beyond the Nutrient Solution, to factor in Lighting, Atmosphere, Growing Tower construction and other considerations that are utilized in both the Growing Room and the Growing Units. A Cultivar's Growing Formula will be able to predict when the plant Cultivar Measurement Factors have deteriorated below the expected level, and older Growing Towers should be replaced. Each of the parameters can be varied or controlled in time relative to the seeding, growing and harvesting time cycles.

Growing Formulae can be also be designed to purposely stress the plants to induce flowering. For example, Nitrogen deficiency in tomatoes is considered a consistent method to induce flowering and which grow tomatoes. Once flowering has occurred, the tomatoes require nitrogen to grow. The deficiency can be timed to ensure maximum and consistent fruit bearing. Other known types of stress that can be induced include: Specific nutrient deficiencies (Iron, calcium, etc.), liquid deficiency or overabundance, light deficiency or overabundance, and Atmosphere deficiency or overabundance. Continuous measurement used in tandem with a Growing Formula minimizes the amount of waste nutrients left in the Nutrient Solution.

Atmosphere and Lighting Simulation Subsystems

The Atmosphere Subsystem for our Growing Systems is capable of mimicking any daytime or nighttime hour, for any location regardless of longitude or latitude, and any day of the year, thus providing an a mimicked atmosphere season.

The Lighting Subsystem for our Growing systems enables lights to be as close to the plants as possible at all times, moving in position to reflect the plants growth as needed. The subsystem ensures all plants receive the same amount of light, to provide consistent growth. The is intended to ensure all energy used for lighting provides maximum efficiency of the energy used within the system. The actual energy to grow the vegetable can be calculated in total. This energy will be the sum of the energy load of the operation of the Growing Unit, the energy load of all the nutrients added to the system and the energy load required reach the desired final product.

The lighting and atmosphere subsystems are combined and coordinated as part of our total Growing Systems. The Growing Room environment can be adjusted to further any specific the Cultivar Measurement Factor. 

Increased Shelf Life

Our Growing Systems allow all vegetables of a Ready-To-Eat salad to be grown in the same physical location, meaning that they can be harvested and mixed within the same hour, ensuring the longest possible shelf life. The cooling stage of vegetables currently performed prior to packaging, in traditional methods, can be totally removed from the harvesting and packaging process as the Growing Room temperature and humidity can be adjusted to ensure minimum or no damage to the vegetables during the harvesting and packaging step. Essentially, the vegetables are harvested in atmospheric and climatic conditions designed for longer shelf life while maintaining targeted levels of Cultivar Measurement Factors.

15-Minute Harvest-to-Package Process

As an additional element to automated harvesting and packaging systems, our system allows the cut-to-seal time (the time from the first cut of harvesting to the moment the produce is sealed in a packaged container) to be reduced to as little as 15 minutes. By growing and harvesting in a Controlled Agriculture Environment, our Growing Systems make it possible to control the temperature at harvesting time, lowers the stress on plants during harvesting, thus reducing the need for ethelyne management systems. Minimizing the cut-to-seal time further reduces, and potentially eliminates that need.

Kosher from the Start

When used in a complete Controlled Agriculture Environment, our Growing Systems enable the growing of vegetables that will qualify as Kosher at harvest time, as there is no expectation of insect infestation (ingesting insects is forbidden under Jewish law). 

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