Food Safety

A best-in-industry, one-stop food safety system.

Self-Contained Units, Positive Air Pressure Growing Rooms

Each Oxyfertigation Grow Unit is a self contained, Closed-Loop system. Thus if there is a food hazard recognized during our standard testing, we can quickly isolate the problem and quickly identify all products shipped that might be of concern. Furthermore, the isolation of each unit ensures that any contaminant is isolated, and not spread to any other unit.

The Positive Air Pressure Growing Rooms ensure that any airborne contaminants remain local to the specific Growing Room, preventing widespread contamination across .

No Need for Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides or GMOs

The design of our Growing Systems reduce or remove the need for herbicides, insecticides to remove any loss in the growing of a cultivar, fungicides to remove any loss in the growing of a vegetable.  Our system means we don't GMO seeds to maximize production of a vegetable.

Growing Towers

The structure of the Growing Towers ensures that no Nutrient Solution touches the leaves, so there is a significantly reduced possibility of microbial load or fungus growth on the vegetables. 

Limited Opportunity for Disease Spread

In our Growing Systems, disease spread can be limited to individual Growing Towers, Growing Units, or Growing Rooms, depending on the form and type of disease. The Flexible Lighting Unit can also provide a barrier for the spread of airborne disease to other Growing Units, and insect infestation can be controlled by massive increases in CO2 level while maintaining human safety beyond the Flexible Lighting Unit. The Flexible Lighting Unit provides a barrier for CO2, enabling the plant atmosphere to have a high level of CO2 while the Growing Room atmosphere remains at a much lower, safer level. 

Reduced Need For Washing

Pathogens like E. coli, listeria and salmonella, and other contaminants are a core factor behind the need for washing produce after harvesting. The typical source of pathogens is through workers, raw materials, birds, animals, and insects. When used in a complete Controlled Agriculture Environment, our Growing Systems significantly reduce the potential biological load. While we are so confident in this that we will eat our produce and would feed them to our own families immediately after harvesting without washing, any of our products available for purchase will be washed and dried prior to packaging, to ensure that all of our products meet HAACP and SQF Level 2 guidelines, meeting the highest standards of food safety.

Automated Harvesting

Our Growing Systems allow for automated harvesting, and so we are developing such a system for producers who choose to utilize this method over manual labour. Automated harvesting systems may also further reduce the opportunity for contaminants to reach our produce.

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