Brocolli, along with cauliflower, is one of the most well known members in the family of cruciferous vegetables. Unlike cauliflower though (or cabbage), Brocolli typically grows in smaller bunched heads or crowns, instead of a single large ball wrapped in leaves. It’s a staple in crudité platters (raw, cut vegetable platters), but is also commonly steamed or cooked on its own or with other vegetables as a hearty and healthy side dish. Those aren’t its limits though, as Brocolli is great in its own soups, as part of pasta dishes, quiches, and more. It’s even a great pizza topping! And we haven’t even gotten to its health benefits yet!

Brocolli is absolutely loaded with vitiman C, providing you with more than a day’s worth in only one cup! It’s also low in fat and high in fibre, so your body will thank you whether you’re having it as a snack or a part of your regular dinner plans.

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